Language coaching for newcomers


BOOST is an organisation in the east of Amsterdam where newcomers can learn the Dutch language and meet other Amsterdammers. Everyday there is 'language cafe', an informal space where newcomers can practise their Dutch together with a local volunteer. At each table sits one Dutch volunteer together with a small group of newcomers. The coordinator divides the tables according to level.

The role of the language coach is to facilitate the conversation and to bring in conversation topics. The language cafe is open every day between 1 and 3 PM. We are looking for new language coaches who would like to practise the Dutch language with newcomers and who would like to get to know new people and different cultures. If this sounds like you, join BOOST!

About BOOST Transvaal

BOOST Transvaal is a meeting place for newcomers and locals. Here newcomers and locals can get to know each other and work on integration. We organise Dutch classes, Dutch language cafe, and many other activities and events. BOOST is a community where we create a safe environment together, so that old and new Amsterdammers can get to know (and learn from) each other.