Communications lead

Communications lead

Tuesday, April 24, 2018
6:00 PM
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Managing people
Talking to others

We are a local group campaigning against inequality through debates, events and research. Evidence shows that inequality harms everyone and increases social problems.

We have produced reports on health, housing and poverty, led a series of talks presenting a fairer vision of the UK called and hosted local discussion groups on what inequality means in Cambridge.

We are looking to grow the group and reach new people. We now need someone to lead across our communications:

  • to develop a plan for how we use various available channels (social media, press etc.) to increase our reach
  • to build and manage a group of volunteers who will maintain our social media and website presence
  • to develop simple guidelines to shape how we communicate about our work

We are looking for someone with an interest and/or a background in political communications, journalism, marketing and social media.

If you are interested please respond to this deed or contact us on our website at

About The Cambridge Commons

We campaign against harmful inequalities in Cambridge and the UK so that local people can take action.