About Deedmob

"Imagine a society where everyone volunteers..."

WHAT - So, what exactly is Deedmob?

Deedmob is the online volunteering platform that connects volunteers, charities, companies and government institutions to increase collaboration and maximize social impact. We want to create together with the Deedmob community the biggest force for doing good in the world!

WHY - Ok, why is this platform important?

We believe that strong societies are built through community engagement. As regular volunteers ourselves, we want to multiply created impact and invite more people to experience the feeling of doing good.

HOW - Sounds cool. How does the platform work?

We do two main things. For volunteers we offer an easy and fun way to engage with volunteering opportunities in their neighbourhood. This includes a totally new volunteering experience which includes participating in charity challenges, learning new skills and opening up new social networks via volunteering. Furthermore we offer charitable organisations access to all kinds of technological tools, helping them to make their volunteer management and communication more efficient.

COST - Alright. And is the platform free to use?

Yes! We see it as our mission to take away as many barriers as possible in the charitable sector, we’re not charging anything. Not to charities and not to volunteers. Not now and not in the future.

BUSINESS MODEL - Nice! But wait..

Yeah, we get that question more often. Of course we need to make money to sustainably get the Deedmob balloon of the ground. We do that by offering professional tailor-made volunteering services to companies. That means that employers pay us to structurally facilitate volunteering opportunities for their employees. So if you wanna do a bit of good in the boss’s time...

PRIVACY - What about privacy then? Do you sell user data to third parties?

We maintain the highest standards when it comes to privacy. And we don’t sell any of our data. No exceptions. Of course, we do collect user data, but we only use that data to facilitate better matches between organisations and volunteers. All your guilty volunteering pleasures are safe with us.

Talking about matching ... In what way are you any different than a government volunteering centre or an online job board?

Well, in our experience, volunteering centres and job banks are often either passive, or spamming you with irrelevant vacancies. We believe in engaging our users by using social technology and storytelling. It’s your spare time we’re dealing with here, so the least we can do is make it as easy and fun as possible for you to do some good.

WHAT ELSE? - What more is there to Deedmob?

There is so much more that we would like to mention, but maybe the best solution is to check out our platform. Let’s stop talking. Let’s start doing! :)

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