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What's new - 9th April 2020 | What's new?✨ Assign people to volunteering opportunities

Organization admins and site admins can now easily assign ...
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What's new - Feb 27th 2020 | What's new?✨ New feature: Waitlists

You can now add waitlists to deeds. For RSVP based deeds which reach capacity, ...
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What's new - 12th Feb 2020✨ New

Workshops, RSVP, Community events
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What's new - Jan 30th 2019 | What's new?✨ Features

Added phone number field in anonymous deed signup flow
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What's new - Jan 10th 2019 | What's new?✨ New: See a preview while creating or editing a deed

✨ New: Volunteer phone numbers
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What's new - Dec 10th 2019 | What's new?✨ Forms now support multiple languages

✨ Let organizations on your site embed their content on their own ...
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What's new - Nov 29th 2019 | What's new?✨ All new Organization Moderation view
It should make it easier for you to get the information you need in ...
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What's new - Nov 26th 2019 | What's new?✨ New: Get help quicker
Site admin and moderators can use the question mark in the bottom right corner of ...
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Here's what you should know about long-term volunteer retention | CharitiesThere are many similarities between research on work engagement and long-term volunteer retention. Both fields ...See more
Why even volunteer? The word 'volunteering' is thrown around a lot as something that is time-consuming and oftentimes boring ...See more
Why corporate volunteering mattersAs you may have noticed, Corporate Social Responsibility is on the rise. Not only are companies looking for ...See more
Volunteering Today Has Changed. Here's How.The days religious virtues acted as the main motivators for doing good are behind us. Today, motivations for ...See more
How tiny changes in habit can solve the crisis of plastic pollutionWhen the environmental catastrophe of plastic pollution dawned on Peter Smith back in 2010, he approached the ...See more
Team Volunteering Day at AmstaThe team volunteered for a day at Amsta, an elderly home in Amsterdam where residents can participate in ...See more
Should you get paid to volunteer? Why paid volunteering raises questionsWe get this a lot: people asking what they will get in return for volunteering, specially if it’s a task that ...See more
Party Like It's 'Everybody's Birthday'B-Challenged Director Wim Haveman had a dream 10 years ago: to empower young people to become young ...See more
Our team on the future of volunteeringAs members of the Deedmob team, volunteering naturally lies close to our hearts. We volunteer frequently - ...See more
Our Favourite Resources for Successful VacanciesNow that your organization page is up and running on Deedmob, it's time to learn how to get the best out of ...See more
Open Meals with Refugees brings food and people together to celebrate diversityMany of us may refrain from doing good because we just don’t know where to start. The case of Sahr Ngungor is ...See more
All the Shades of LoveWe spoke to Shades of Love founder Niklas Huppmann about the history behind the organization and what the ...See more
Mark Aink, founder of Native CirclesThis year, in the spirit of Earth Day, we’ve got a special treat for you. We interviewed one of Deedmob Board ...See more
Let's Talk About LonelinessHere's what you should know about this 'epidemic' so you can effectively help it.

Most people have felt ...
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Julius Weise From Welcome App on Social Innovation and Inclusivity for NewcomersThe month of February revolved around the theme of loneliness and social inclusivity this year at Deedmob ...See more
Expat Volunteering in Amsterdam | Volunteer Guide for English speaking expatsVolunteering as an Expat in Amsterdam. Being an expat in the Netherlands is a reality for almost a quarter of ...See more
So You Want to Blog for Deedmob?We love connecting with writers who can help us fulfill our mission to inspire volunteers and organisations to ...See more
Company Volunteering: Learnings from the best programme in townWe spoke to our dear friend Jan Kaan, Benelux Channel Manager at Atlassian, about the secret recipe for their ...See more
Community meets sustainability: The ins and outs of BuurtBuik's successBuurtBuik's Petra Walraven, on combating food waste and bringing joy to the community. BuurtBuik's south ...See more
How The Green Office at Vrije University Amsterdam Promotes Fashionable SustainabilityWalking past the Green Office at Vrije University, confused students’ faces peak inside the glass doors ...See more
How Fashion for Good is advocating for a Sustainable Fashion IndustryAs you walk into Fashion for Good, the magic begins to happen. The store-looking museum finds the fun in ...See more
Charity in the Spotlight: Max from Oma's Soep, on making soup to fight lonelinessIn the Spring of 2017 Max Kranendijk and Robert Croese founded Oma’s Soep ('Grandma's Soup', in English) ...See more

Charity Challenge: Where entrepreneurship meets social impactOnline Marketing Coach Rico den Burger started his company RdB Communicatie 10 years ago, and from the very ...See more
An Expat’s Tour Guide to Volunteering in Amsterdam: Explore Tulip CityIf you have just moved to Amsterdam, there are several things you might be feeling. Chances are – if you have ...See more
A day at the zoo with H&M and Atlassian  A few H&M and Atlassian employees took up their yearly ‘volunteering day’ and joined a group of elderly ...See more
4 health benefits of volunteeringHere is volunteering’s best-kept secret: it’s good for your health. Whether you do it because it’s compulsory, ...See more

3 Tips for Writing Successful VacanciesGetting new volunteers on board is an exciting, yet challenging, task. In order to turn clicks into volunteers ...See more
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