Team Volunteering Day at Amsta

The Deedmob team at Amsta on November 28, 2018.
The year is almost over, so of course the Deedmob team wanted to bring it to a close by doing what we do best: practicing what we preach!
The team volunteered for a day at Amsta, an elderly home in Amsterdam where residents can participate in different activities and get the help of volunteers to do so. At Amsta, the elderly are able to do everyday tasks as they wish, from cooking to doing their own laundry. Help is always available when needed, but having the same independence they would normally experience at home is what Amsta values the most.
After a cold day in the garden sweeping, cleaning and getting the new winter plants in, the team enjoyed an afternoon performance that included a trumpet player and lots of dancing alongside Amsta residents and staff.
Deedmob Head of Growth Andre and CEO Boudewijn have a chat while cleaning the garden. What do you think they are talking about?
Amsta is an organization that lies close to our hearts. Home would be the most appropriate term to describe it; the main goal of everyone working for and with the elderly is to make them feel welcomed as if it were their own home. For that reason, residents are encouraged to bring a belong or two from their home so they can see it in the shelves of Amsta and feel a little closer to a familiar setting.
Elderly care is one of the many causes we supported and contributed to this year. The value of dedicating one’s time to do good to their community is immeasurable. But good deeds are everywhere, and they come in many shapes and sizes. If lack of time and opportunity kept you from performing more acts of kindness this year, don't worry. There is still time!
COO Tycho, Engagement Manager Louise, Head of Growth Andre and Germany Country Manager Lena learning about Amsta's history.
Click here to see how you can help Amsta or here to find other organizations helping the elderly!
About Amsta
Amsta is an elderly home dedicated to helping older citizens live quality lives through housing, personal support and welfare. They have various different locations around Amsterdam.
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