A word on 'slacktivism'

Written by Louise de Sadeleer


Most of us are very familiar with it; the dopamine rush that follows the collection of likes and comments on social media. Some are willing to great lengths measures to feel it on a daily basis. This feeling is one of the main drivers of online activism: we want to let our friends and followers know that we, too, care. Yet, we engage in this activism on the simple condition that it does no take up too much of our time.
Popular platforms such as Facebook have responded quite well to this evolution by introducing ‘altruistic’ features. Mark Zuckerberg, we salute you! Fundraising, starting conversations, sharing news articles, raising awareness - possibilities are endless.
However, as with most good things, even this instant high of online activism doesn’t last. In fact, it is soon replaced by an empty feeling that begs the question: does all of this lead to anything real? A question we may not be ballsy enough to ask ourselves.
The real fulfilment that comes with doing good has given way to ‘slacktivism’. Today, we are making the case for exactly these real experiences, followed by meaningful connections and direct impact.
We care about you and want you to feel good, always 😉 Decide on which cause(s) you’d like to support. Is it the environment? Children? Then think about what you enjoy doing. Sports? Mentoring? You get the gist. For opportunities to do good in your neighbourhood, visit deedmob.com/discover

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