Deedmob goes plogging

Written by John-Luca de Vries


Deedmob’s plogging all the time! Plogging here is mighty fine. Vondelpark is looking clean. Now that Deedmob here has been!

Gramatically there’s room for improvements. But we were definitely enthusiastic. Deedmob goes plogging in the Vondelpark. And for everyone who doesn’t exactly know what this is, let me tell you at once. Plogging is the new fitnesshype in which you jog outside and simultaneously collect garbage in trashbags. This hype blew over from our moralist Northernneighbors the Swedes, but I’ve never actually seen it take place in this park close to my house in the west of Amsterdam.

Until this very day. Armed to the teeth with blue trashbags and orange gloves we run through the park singing songs of strife. What enthusiasm! The Deedmobsters are leaving no stone unturned to get rid of all of the trash that is still lying around this park. What a summerday outside can do to people’s sense of responsibility towards the environment. That moment where you grab your first trashbag. Some feelings of reservation bubble to the surface. Half emptied cans of beer, lots of empty bags and other sticky goob that you collect in your just not entirely watertight gloves. But then it hits you. You feel a sense of contentment. You look around you and you see that the park has suddenly become a lot cleaner. A lot more enjoyable. Man, that harmony.

We must have all been through this very process of adaptation. But these reservations weren’t visible in the slightest. From the first moment everyone threw themselves on the task at hand with true dedication. We had a common enemy. The littering behavior of the others became the fuel that drove us forward ever forward through this sea of green and waste. Then you see it. Your fellow ploggers are forming a human chain together to get garbage out of the water. Surprised eyes look in our direction. Joggers suddenly becoming aware of their own lack of action towards a better environment. We’re signaling virtue and we’re pretty good at it.

But this isn’t the end of our ordeal. Some of the trashbags are starting to rip. The leftovers from the beercans turn into wet beerfumes. Our trashbags are getting fuller and fuller. Disaster does not strike however as we feel good towards the end, getting many compliments and pats on the back from the people that see us doing our business in the park. In the end we dump our collected trash in the containers that are conveniently spread around the park (why do so little people actually seem to use them?). The park is a lot cleaner and we’ve certainly made a big impression on everyone. We must have been able to set a new norm so that people actually start cleaning up their stuff more?

And what do you have it, when I drive home later that evening through the Vondelpark the park seems a lot cleaner than it looked usually in the evening around that time. Who knows, maybe we even accomplished more than we set out to accomplish in the beginning.

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