Celebrate Earth Day 2019

Make Earth Day 2019 more about impact and less about hugging trees. Learn how you can volunteer and contribute to a sustainable planet.

Earth Day 2019

Earth Day is on April 22, and we're already looking forward to the impact we can have on our beloved planet. This day marks a historical event on April 22, 1970, when 20 million people took the streets in the U.S. and marched for a sustainable environment.
What started in 1970 has turned into a global movement for a healthier planet. Today we have more information than ever on the effects of climate change and what's needed to preserve the planet we call home. On this Earth Day, join Deedmob and fight for a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable Earth! 🌎

Start with Plastic.

Only about 5 percent of all plastic waste is recycled. So the idea here isn't necessarily to throw your bottle in the right bin, but rather reduce your plastic consumption to a minimum.
Reducing plastic consumption - and subsequently plastic waste - is the first step to contribute to a less cluttered Earth. And you can start at home.

Say no to plastic today

Discover organizations fighting plastic waste

Plastic Soup Surfer
The Plastic Soup Surfer fights plastic pollution using a surfboard as a weapon. The campaigns combine plastic pollution awareness with creativity, innovation and constructive calls to action.
Trashless is an organization tackling plastic pollution with the help of volunteers. From trash dates to larger events, Trashless is all about positive environmental impact. It all starts with you.

Let's Talk Climate.

The Earth is warming each year, and many species are suffering the consequences of climate change.
Scientists are now pointing that the current efforts to fight global warming are not enough, meaning we must work way harder if we want to preserve the planet for the future generations.

Fight for Climate now

Discover organizations fighting climate change

WNF is a group of enthusiastic volunteers, active in the Groene Hart region. Their active volunteers are present in regional events such as markets, fairs and trade shows.
Pluk! is a community-supported agriculture project. This model is an alternative to the current large-scale food industry and a move towards local food production.

No more waste.

Whether it's plastic, food, clothing or the latest technology gadgets, it'll all end up in the trash. Our consumerist culture encourages the disposability of everything we buy so that we can continue to purchase things.
Unnecessary waste can be fought by making conscious purchases, recycling items and using products to their fullest potential.

Stop wasting time

Discover organizations fighting unnecessary waste

BuurtBuik is an organization fighting food waste by preparing a delicious meals every Saturday for residents of the neighborhood. It's all about bringing the community together and sustainability.
Fashion for Good
Fashion for Good is the world's first sustainable museum. A tour through the museum's aesthetically pleasing and innovative features - which is free - will teach you how to make fashion sustainable (for good)!

Volunteer for the Earth today

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