Internships at Deedmob


We help individuals to find flexible opportunities to do good from the palm of their hand. We give non-profits free state-of-the-art technical tools to organize their existing volunteers. We sustain this free product by offering social impact and purpose marketing solutions to companies. We are currently the largest volunteering platform in the Netherlands, have over 500 charity users and clients such as Red Bull, Atlassian, H&M, and many more.

We are a rapidly growing startup with an ambitious & strong team on a mission to make the world a better place. These internships are for ambitious people who thrive in fast paced, self-motivated environments. 🚀 We encourage everyone to apply. We are interested in you & what you can do and learn, not so much in your educational background.

But what do our interns do? They’re certainly not making coffee.. Interns at Deedmob play a key role in many areas of the company, from business development to marketing, from growth to design. Let’s see what they have to say:


Siebren, Business Development Intern


“Being a valuable part of the team is really important for me in a job. As Deedmob intern, I was immediately involved by the team in all aspects of helping this amazing start-up grow. From the first day of my internship onwards, I met with directors and executives from many big firms and institutions. Learning and making a change started immediately!”

Iris, Growth intern


“I interned at Deedmob for a month this summer. I immediately got a lot of responsibilities in growing the number of organizations active on the platform. This involved many interesting meetings and presentations in front of large audiences. What I really like about Deedmob is the young and energetic team, everyone is very helpful and it’s a great place to learn. We also had a lot of fun during and after work - I’ll definitely stop by the office regularly now my internship is over!”

Louise, Marketing intern


“At Deedmob, interns are treated like employees and are encouraged to lead. Working directly with a young and highly ambitious team set me up for a great learning curve. It also required a strong sense of accountability and responsibility. I loved that. From day one, I was involved in some of our most exciting projects and key decision-making processes. From strategising with Fortune 500 clients or coming up with Deedmob’s new inbound marketing strategy to organising a documentary screening - no two days were the same. I also got the opportunity to stay at Deedmob as Engagement Manager (which I took immediately of course) - the amazing journey goes on!”

Business Development internship


Als business development intern ben je direct betrokken bij het opschalen van onze client-base op het gebied van company volunteering (huidige klanten Red Bull, H&M, UPS en vele anderen) en new business development op andere gebieden. Je werkt hierbij direct met onze COO en het Business Development team.

Je doet ervaring op in het ontwikkelen en uitvoeren van business strategieën, sales en account management. Je leert op een efficiënte manier werken met de nieuwste tools in een dynamische early-stage start-up.

Waar we aanmeldingen op beoordelen:


✅ Goede overtuigingskracht en communicatieve vaardigheden zijn essentieel
✅ Passie voor onze missie om bedrijven te helpen meer maatschappelijk betrokken te worden
✅ Schrijftalent: Nederlands en Engels
✅ Ervaring met het maken van sterke presentaties is een plus
✅ Schrijftalent: Nederlands en Engels
✅ Growth mentality: gedisciplineerd, goed in prioritiseren, self-motivated, uitstekend oog voor detail, drive om dingen snel voor elkaar te krijgen

Growth internship


Als growth intern ben je bezig met het bereiken van potentiële nieuwe gebruikers van het Deedmob platform. Samen met onze Country Manager Nederland, werk je met organisaties die vrijwilligers nodig hebben om ze de beste ervaring te geven met onze software: van het Rode Kruis en UNICEF tot grote festivals (o.a. Mysteryland) tot de Hermitage. Verder ondersteun je onze Engagement Manager in het bereiken van vrijwilligers met data-driven marketing strategieën en gave events. 📈

Zo doe je interessante contacten op en speel je een belangrijke rol in het laten groeien van het grootste social impact platform van Nederland. Je leert veel over het opzetten en runnen van een online marketplace (een waardevolle skill in de huidige platform economie - think Uber, AirBnb, etc). Tegelijkertijd werk je met de nieuwste analytische strategieën op het gebied van customer success en leer je effectief gebruik maken van data om groei targets te bereiken.

Waar we aanmeldingen op beoordelen:


✅ Passie voor onze missie
✅ Goede communicatieve vaardigheden
✅ Schrijftalent (Nederlands), uitstekende schriftelijke vaardigheden in het Engels zijn een plus
✅ Growth mentality: gedisciplineerd, goed in prioritiseren, self-motivated, uitstekend oog voor detail, drive om dingen snel gedaan te krijgen.
✅ Aantoonbare motivatie om nieuwe kennis en vaardigheden op te doen


Marketing internship (position filled)


This hands-on role will bring the best out of your creative side while you learn about B2C marketing, branding and marketing / visual communications. You will help represent our brand in the best possible way and grow our community of ‘do-gooders’! 🌍

You’ll work with our English & Dutch speaking Engagement Manager primarily, assisting her in the design, and management of internal, and external content production.

This includes: video and photography production, social media content and community management, corporate and marketing communications, campaign and event design development, and everything creative in between.

You’ll gain experience in:
✅ Production of media (photo & video)
✅ Corporate and marketing communications
✅ Email marketing
✅ Event management and planning
✅ Written content (including success stories & interviews)
✅ Social media content planning and community management
✅ Brand advocacy
✅ Project management and planning
✅ Marketing and sales systems and tools

You should apply if you are:
✅ Fluent in English (Dutch is an advantage)
✅ Enthusiastic about making the world a better place
✅ Social media savvy
✅ Good at editing images and video
✅ An awesome copywriter

It is possible to do these internships on a part-time basis. Just let us know what you’re able to do in your application! Apply by sending an email to our COO, Tycho at :)

Nothing there for you but enthusiastic about interning at Deedmob nonetheless? Send us a message at We grow faster than our ability to type job descriptions.






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