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Artikel UvA: Boudewijn Wijnands wins the AUV Alumnus 2018 Award

Written by Gerbrand Holland

Via Universiteit van Amsterdam

UvA Bsc Economics and Business alumnus Boudewijn Wijnands won the AUV Alumnus Award during the AUV day on Saturday 3 November. The AUV Alumnus Award is a prize for UvA alumni who have made a unique contribution to society through an inspiring project. The nominated alumni pitched their project during the AUV day to the public and the jury.

Worldwide impact

Boudewijn Wijnands won the first prize of 3,000 euro with his project ‘Deedmob’, an online volunteering platform connecting volunteers, charities, companies, and government institutions to increase collaboration. Wijnands is an enthusiastic alumnus who built a sustainable social enterprise with his own ideas and with an innovative earning model. In the two years since Deedmob was founded, the initiative has made significant progress and has had a global impact. 

The public prize was rewarded to Enny van Arkel, a Social Sciences and Pedagogical Sciences alumnus, and Ilse Nieuwland, a Psychology alumnus. Together, they started the foundation 'Oud Geleerd Jong Gedaan' and organize lectures for seniors who would like to join challenging activities. The lectures are given by students on subjects as psychology, philosophy, history, or law, adjusted to the level of the participants.

The second prize of €2.000 was rewarded to Sander Wirken, a Law alumnus, for his project Niños de Guatemala. The third prize of €1.000 was rewarded to Ellen van den Honert for the project Wild about Music.

About AUV Alumnus Award

Thirty alumni took part in the AUV Alumnus Award competition. Of these 30, nine were nominated by the jury to pitch their projects. The subjects of the projects of this year were very diverse and often in line with the study of the candidates. Projects with a focus on environment and refugees, as well as cultural heritage and social well-being were pitched for the award.


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