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Post | April 2020 | Deedmob in the media | 1 min read

Artikel Good Goes Viral: Local coordination hub for volunteers in the Netherlands

Via Good Goes Viral.

Local governments and welfare organizations come together to coordinate volunteer actions that help those in need during home isolation 

What is the initiative?

Online platform created by Deedmob's team to streamline many local support organizations that want to provide help to vulnerable groups - elderly, sick, quarantined and people in home isolation. The platform allows individuals and organizations alike to register both as requiring assistance and providers. Since its launch, Coronahelpers has already partnered with over 100 companies and local governments in all major Dutch cities. The wide network of contacts allows the platform to track also those requests that come directly to different local bodies. Thanks to that they can easier access the elderly population that otherwise would find it difficult to seek support through online channels. 

Who is it for?

Volunteers, companies and local organizations in the Netherlands.

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