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How Fashion for Good is advocating for a Sustainable Fashion Industry

Written by Luiza Braga
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As you walk into Fashion for Good, the magic begins to happen.

The store-looking museum finds the fun in fashion by combining interactivity and aesthetics for an unforgettable – and highly educational – stroll. Fashion for Good debuted in January 2017 with the idea of a clean fashion industry in mind. The museum itself remains true to their cause: doors, walls, interactive bracelets and other parts of the venue are all made from sustainable materials, making ‘practice what you preach’ a main feature of this experience.

Marketing Coordinator Fiona Lay told us about Fashion for Good’s mission as well as their vision for a future in fashion that is attainable for consumers. When talking about the challenges of getting the community on board, she mentioned how sustainability is still a work in progress.

"We showcase the future of good fashion through our innovation lounge and our Good Shop,” she said. “We want to show visitors how sustainability can be stylish and good at the same time so that conscious purchasing becomes the norm."

By collaborating with large and smaller brands, Fashion for Good envisions a fashion industry that is "all good." Fiona explained that the key word right now is innovation; the idea is to find creative ways to show consumers that clean fashion is possible.

"We love that there are are so many brands right now that focus on transparency and organic materials, but we champion innovative, game-changing ideas, that’s what we really like."

In addition to providing a thorough look at the history of fashion and how clothes are made, Fashion for Good leaves you with one more tool to take action. With a bracelet that is given to each visitor at the beginning of their tour, you are able to commit to small actions to impact fashion in a positive way. Fiona told us about how Fashion for Good wants consumers to realize that alternatives are available and making different choices is an achievable goal.

"The future is sustainable,” she said. “It should be, anyway!"

‘Splash,’ Where Water and Fashion Collaborate

Fashion for Good’s current theme ‘Splash: Rethinking the Role of Water in Fashion’ attempts to start a conversation about the impact fashion can have on the world’s water supply as well as issues such as ocean pollution.

The talk 'How to Clean Up a Dirty Industry,' whose 5th edition was hosted by Fashion for Good on November 14, had Plastic Soup Foundation project leader Laura Diaz Sanchez and Hoodlamb owner Doug Mignola explain the many threats fashion can pose to water. Laura said that, when polyester clothes are washed, microfibers (tiny pieces of plastic) that come from it are not filtered by washing machines and end up in the ocean, where small animals ingest them. Doug talked about alternative materials to polyester, such as hemp.

The exhibit is available until the end of the year and the museum is free for all visitors.

About Fashion for Good

Fashion For Good is the world's first sustainable fashion museum. They teach visitors how to be smart about their fashion choices in hopes for a sustainable fashion industry.

Wanna visit Fashion For Good? Do so here!

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