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How The Green Office at Vrije University Amsterdam Promotes Fashionable Sustainability

Written by Luiza Braga
clothing swap at vrije universiteit amsterdam

Walking past the Green Office at Vrije University, confused students’ faces peak inside the glass doors. Is it an H&M sale?

Nope. It’s just the ‘Shop Until You Drop,’ a clothing swap event aimed at exchanging your old clothes for someone else’s in order to promote sustainability during a season where consumerism seems to take over our lives.

In a cozy room, guests leave clothes they no longer use on tables and racks in exchange for new pieces brought by other people. As the room gets crowded, sweaters, jeans and scarves get passed around from one hand to another in search for a new home.

Shop Until You Drop’s first edition came to life on November 21 and was incredibly successful in attracting both VU students and outsiders for their clothing swap. The idea isn’t new, but the Green Office VU is trying to bring awareness at a larger scale. That is the main idea behind the organization: bringing eco-friendly measures to the university environment so that sustainability can be taught in the outside world.

The Green Office VU is celebrating its 4th anniversary at the university, where they intend to implement sustainable ideas such as reusable coffee cups, no-printing policies and events around climate change. Their team, mostly made up by VU students, told us a bit about their mission to positively impact the university – through students, professor and staff – so that sustainability can thrive also outside the building’s walls.

By working with professors on sustainability classes and campaigns, the Green Office partners with the university to change the habits of students for an environmentally-safe future.

Inspired by Shop Until You Drop? This sweater season, don’t shop, swap!

The team (from left to right): Vicky Nesci, Vanessa Bolle, Nathalie Gröfke, Annemiek Aarts, Lilja Kanerva and Sabrina van der Linden

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