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Our Favourite Resources for Successful Vacancies

Written by Louise de Sadeleer
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How to Get the Best out of Your Organization Page on Deedmob

Now that your organization page is up and running on Deedmob, it's time to learn how to get the best out of your reach. For your page to succeed and become popular among volunteers, the most important thing to keep in mind is that engaging with the platform and using it to your advantage is the best way to keep volunteers coming.

Get Social

We know you are surrounded by hundreds of online (marketing) tools, and sometimes they may seem like a lot. Here's a simple overview of basic ways to 'get social'. This will make attracting as many volunteers as possible seem like a piece of cake.

  • Join Facebook & LinkedIn groups relevant to your cause (to share Deeds, stories or facts)
  • Promote Deeds in your own network & social media channels
  • Use the Deedmob community page to reach out for help (ask away!)
  • Keep your content fresh and up to date with the latest trends & news
  • Use social media to get to know your followers and community (talk to them about their needs & feedback)

By getting to know the community around your cause and sharing your Deeds to the relevant audience, your chances of getting applicants - especially the ones fit to your Deed - become much higher.

Need inspiration? 10000 HOURS did this and received over 800 applications in 2018.

I've created a Deed. Now what?

Creating an attractive Deed is the first step to success. A good-looking Deed is key to get applicants' attention! Find our top tips for creating successful vacancies here

So now your Deeds are poppin' and applications are flowing in. What's next?

  • Mark your applications as accepted / rejected
  • Keep updating member group by inviting or adding new volunteers
  • Find your niche & determine what works for your cause
  • Follow up with past volunteers to keep them coming back - use the messaging tool!

Your New Best Friends: Tools for Great Content

Last but not least: some of our favourite online resources to keep your content looking great. Here are some sites to get creative with:

  • To hire voluntary photographers, Zoomlab
  • For free stock images, Unsplash and Pexels
  • For designing, Canva
  • For more organic content, bring a camera to volunteering events (or use your phone!)
  • Create Deeds if creative volunteers are needed (think: social media, photography, website design)

Need an example? Check out this Deed for social media advice by Ympact020! 

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