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Post | August 2019 | 2 min read

Our team on the future of volunteering

Written by Louise de Sadeleer
deedmob team members

As members of the Deedmob team, volunteering naturally lies close to our hearts. We volunteer frequently - individually or as a team - and believe that doing good regularly will become increasingly important in solving the biggest problems faced by society.

Overcoming differences

Europe has always been a continent with a high concentration of cultures, in a very confined space. Having to integrate millions of refugees and deal with anti-EU voices that grow louder every day, it is becoming more important than ever to embrace diversity. Lena, Country Manager Germany, says "volunteering allows you to meet people from all nationalities and backgrounds. It not only helps you understand differences, but also celebrate them”.

Maximising your impact

In busy times, the returns on your (time-) investments should be tangible. In the future, this will be truer than ever. In fact, making an impact is becoming a crucial element of doing good. Do good better, remember? Recently, the concept of skilled volunteering has been popping up just about everywhere. The idea is to offer a unique skill to help a charity or project. This can be anything from being great at Photoshop to having a degree in law or accounting. Founder and CTO, David, says that, “if you want to be impactful, the best thing to do is skilled volunteering. It will help your chosen charity the most”.

Big city life

Currently, over half of the world’s population lives in urban areas (Source: UN) and this number is will only increase. This makes cities buzzing hubs, full of life and opportunities. Yet, to many, they remain faceless. After all, don’t we all feel lost in a concrete jungle from time to time? “Moving to a new city can be overwhelming and I've found it can get quite lonely. Doing some good from time to time makes it so much easier to meet real people and truly connect”, says Louise, Partnership Manager.

Virtual vs. Meaningful Connections

If you’re anything like us, you would rather avoid having to answer questions about the amount of time you spend using the Facebook or Instagram apps. Despite this, we’re collectively becoming more aware of the importance of real-life connections versus virtual ones. We get it, meeting strangers at a volunteering activity can be daunting at first. Why not bring a friend? Our software engineer, Ty, shares his thoughts: “I never really enjoyed going places by myself, instead I find it much more enjoyable to organize something with a group of friends. Technology makes this hassle-free”.

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It’s all easy

Just as ordering a cab or booking a hotel room can be done in just a few clicks, signing up for volunteering opportunities nearby is becoming more and more effortless. Even our very own design intern, Dan, says: “Being a part of the Boy Scouts of America, volunteering became a habit I developed. However, signing up to do some good nowadays takes much less time than it used to and I end up having more time to dedicate to the actual cause or activity”. How great is that?

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