Post | February 2020 | 1 min read

What's new - 12th Feb 2020

Written by David Furlong

✨ New

  • Workshops, RSVP, Community events
  • Design of organization layout, blog post, organization home, deed, login, register pages updated
  • Deed and organization form improved
  • Better success and error messages
  • Updated default colors
  • Progressive web app support for all sites
  • Login wall option for sites
  • Changing an application status now asks you whether you want to send an email with a message you choose

👾 Bugfixes

  • Fix intercom in question mark
  • Fix background image sizing
  • Fix impact report creation issues
  • Custom field data does not update in applications view
  • User deeds / applications bug
  • Pages do not show up on /admin/pages on page 1 when pagesize = 20
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