What's new - Jan 30th 2019

What's New for January 30th 2019

What's new - Jan 30th 2019

✨ Features

  • Added phone number field in anonymous deed signup flow
  • Improved admin tables, filtering and search
  • Updated sanquin landing page, including experiment tracking
  • Add reply to address to be form submitter for form submission notification emails
  • Automated profanity detection mechanism implemented for deeds and messages. Reports can be seen in site admin reports view

🤖 Internal changes

  • Refactored our internal form code
  • Refactored our linter

👾 Bugfixes

  • Fix activity subfilters not filtering more on deed search
  • Fix accidental "Warning unsaved changes" on facebook register
  • Fix gallery section button color
  • Remove invites from organization members view
  • Fix issues with access permissions of site admins