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What's new - Nov 26th 2019

Written by David Furlong

✨ New: Get help quicker

Site admin and moderators can use the question mark in the bottom right corner of their browser window to directly message the deedmob team for questions or feedback.

✨ New: Pretty printing of opportunities with QR Code

Just hit File > Print or the "Print" button in the deed menu bar

📝 Changed: Blog post authors

Blog post authors can now have any name and image you choose, instead of just registered users

🗑 Removed: The feedback button

Some of you told us that you didn't like this button. We've removed it for your users and have given you the opportunity to give us feedback using the new help circle above.

If you want to collect feedback from your users we can help you integrate a 3rd party tool onto your pages, just reach out to us!

👾 Fixes

  • Filtering opportunities by activity had some minor issues which have been fixed
  • Filtering opportunities by location wasn't always filtering out opportunities outside of the area
  • An image quality issue has been resolved
  • An issue with the 'Deeds' section of the page editor not showing all possible opportunities that match the filter has been fixed

📝 Other changes

  • The verify account banner has been moved to a popup in order to reduce confusion people were experiencing when they didn't have access to their organization before verifying their account
  • In content sections with columns and call-to-action buttons, the buttons will now align vertically even when the different columns have different heights.
  • In views where theres a table, the buttons to change the page of the results are now on the left instead of the right
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