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Why Deedmob

At Deedmob, we believe that volunteering is society’s most powerful tool to solve problems and help those in need. At the same time, social organisations struggle to keep up with our rapidly evolving digital society and keep in touch with potential volunteers.

More than your regular volunteer vacancy website, Deedmob is an active community of volunteers, innovative companies, universities and charities, that unite to maximize the impact of doing good.





More impact, no costs

Digital technology has an unmatched power to connect people. If anything, that power should be available to those who use it to help others.

That’s why we believe that all those who do good should have a place on our platform. It won’t cost you anything and it won’t hurt to try. For social organisations who are looking for volunteers, we offer a custom made organisation page that is easy and efficient to manage.

An all-in one solution

Connected to your organisation page, we offer you a set of free to use online tools that are designed to help you get more out of your day.

Find new volunteers

Post your volunteer positions on our platform and get in touch with lots of active volunteers including professionals and students.

Manage volunteers

New and existing volunteers can easily be grouped and scheduled. Quickly replace cancellations and send last minute updates.

Volunteer retention

Turn volunteers into ambassadors by keeping them happy and engaged through after volunteering thank you messages and suggestions for future activities.

Manage events

Wether you're hosting events with multiple volunteers or you're looking for that one specific volunteer, you can manage all open positions, invitations and applications from one overview.


Leverage and improve your existing processes by integrating Deedmob with your own website, social media and donation platforms.

Analytics and feedback

Analyze and learn from your previous activities and get valuable feedback from volunteers.

Prepare for the future of volunteering!