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Our Solutions for Governments & Emergency Response

Deedmob as partner to modernize volunteering

Join our innovative partners in increasing civil participation, such as ...

Tailor-made platform for civil participation

Deedmob's solution for volunteer centers offers:

✔ Customizable Website

✔ Integrated Web Application

✔ Vacancy Bank

✔ Volunteer Pool

✔ Content Management System (CMS)

✔ Training Module

✔ Data Suite

✔ ...and much more!

Quick to act in times of crisis

Deedmob's solution offers governments and emergency response units the opportunity to act quickly in times of crises via:

✔ Rapid deployment of volunteers via volunteer pool

✔ Posting emergency requests

✔ Residents are on standby

✔ Accurate impact measurements

Intergovernmental cooperation

Help to reach a next level in intergovernmental cooperation via:

✔ Cooperation within the province and local administration

✔ Regional participation

✔ Voluntary work across county borders

✔ Possibility to integrate regional platforms

Impact Examples From Our Partners


CoronaHelpers is the biggest volunteering platform in Europe during the Corona crisis. Within days, it had mobilized over 35.000 volunteers in The Netherlands alone, with over 1.5 million visitors and thousands of matches. These platforms are initiated by Deedmob and were instrumental in the European Covid-19 response. This received praise from the Queen of The Netherlands, Màxima van Oranje, and Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

Province of Limburg

Wij Zijn Vrijwilligers is a province-wide initiative in The Netherlands. Serving as a central hub for volunteering, it played a crucial role during the floods that affected Europe. By mobilizing over 800 volunteers in 2 days, it helped the province of Limburg successfully battle the high tides while aiding people in need of help. This even exceeded the Dutch border, whereas several volunteers helped in parts of Germany and Belgium as well.

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