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Social internship at Amnesty International: writing campaign!

One off · 8 hrs
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Nederland
SummaryDo you want to promote human rights? Then organize a fun writing campaign where you write as many letters as possible!
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There are people in countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt or China who are arrested because they have a different opinion than the government. Other people are oppressed or severely discriminated against. Amnesty seeks to release prisoners of conscience and to ensure that people are protected. By putting pressure on governments with as many letters and signatures from volunteers as possible, many results have been achieved.

Help bombard presidents and ambassadors and organize a writing campaign at your school! Amnesty helps you with the subjects, example letters and addresses. You will also receive all necessary materials such as posters, notepads and envelopes through Amnesty Education.

Discuss with your internship coordinator or mentor whether you can organize this internship at school. You can do the writing action in one day, but of course you can also organize it every Friday afternoon in the canteen, or during an English class. The point is that you write as many letters as possible with a lot of fellow students at your school.

Are you interested? Send an email to mas@amnesty.nl!

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About Amnesty International

Amnesty strives for a just world in which everyone has equal human rights and can live in freedom.
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