Social internship at Amnesty International: fundraising campaign!

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SummaryWould you like to work for Amnesty International and human rights? Then organize a collection campaign where you collect as much money as possible for Amnesty
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In dozens of countries in the world there is child labor, torture or working conditions are very bad. Many countries do not adhere to human rights. No reason for a party ... Yet you can organize a party as an internship for Amnesty. Because to do something against all that injustice, Amnesty needs money. And Amnesty does not take money from the government for research and actions, because it is then less easy to criticize the same government. Amnesty's money comes from members and donors. And from people who give Amnesty the proceeds from, for example, a party, a film afternoon, a market, a football tournament, a play or a sponsored walk.

Organize something with which you can raise money. For example, you can bake cupcakes and ask if you can sell them in the school canteen. Or make fun things with your classmates yourself and sell them at school or to parents. You can also organize a film afternoon and ask for entrance fees, or hold a sponsored walk. Think about what you like and be creative. The only thing that is not allowed is just going to the door to ask for money.

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About Amnesty International

Amnesty strives for a just world in which everyone has equal human rights and can live in freedom.
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