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Social Internship - Fundraising campaign

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Although everyone in the world has human rights, unfortunately there are several countries where these rights are not adhered to. For example, there are countries where child labor occurs, where people are tortured or where the working conditions are very bad. Amnesty needs money to investigate abuses, take actions and provide information. Amnesty does not take money from governments, so they can remain critical and independent.

Job description:

That is why money is collected by people who support the cause of Amnesty. You can contribute to this by raising money for Amnesty for your social internship. You can think of a way to organize something with which you can raise money. For example, you can bake cupcakes and ask if you can sell them in the canteen at school, or make fun things with your classmates that you can sell at school or to parents. You can also organize a movie afternoon, a sponsored walk or a party to raise money for Amnesty. If you have a good idea yourself, you can register for this internship via a message. You can also choose to sell candles for Amnesty. You can order a package of candles via the e-mail address mentioned ( and then sell it at, for example, your neighbors, your family and friends.

Job requirements:

- Secondary school student - Like to work independently - Want to know more about human rights

What do you have to offer the volunteer ?:

We offer guidance via email and telephone. The student will receive all necessary materials for the internship free of charge.

What makes the work worthwhile ?:

You contribute to the mission of Amnesty International; fundraisers like yours help us keep Amnesty going!

Working time:

What volunteers need

🗣️ Native language skills

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