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Social Internship - Teach them a Lesson!

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Everyone has human rights. For a world in which human rights are respected as much as possible, it is important that people learn and know what their rights are. You can contribute to this by teaching at a primary school about children's rights and human rights. Of course, it is best to teach at your own old primary school. During this social internship you will independently teach groups 7 or 8 with the help of teaching materials from Amnesty.

Job description:

You start your internship by making an e-learning on the website of Amnesty International Netherlands. In this way, you first learn about Amnesty and human rights yourself and immediately completed 1.5 hours for your social internship. Then you make an appointment with the primary school where you want to teach. As soon as agreements have been made, you can request the step-by-step plan and all materials for your lesson via a message. These materials are free and will help you prepare for your lesson. At the end of your lesson you can let the students take action by, for example, sending a greeting card to a prisoner of conscience. It takes about 14 hours to prepare and teach. If you want to fill more hours for your social internship, you can discuss with the primary school whether you may be allowed to teach different groups. It is also possible to do this internship with several people if you are allowed by the internship coordinator or mentor of your school. For this internship it is important that you enjoy working independently. Would you like this internship? Then sign up right away!

Job requirements:

- Secondary school student - Like to work independently - Want to know more about human rights

What do you have to offer the volunteer ?:

We offer guidance via email and telephone. The student will receive all necessary materials for his / her internship free of charge.

What makes the work worthwhile ?:

Contribute to the work of Amnesty International by teaching children about human rights and the work we do. The more people know human rights, the better we can protect them!

Working time:

What volunteers need

🗣️ Native language skills

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