About BNP Paribas Cardif

Welcome to our own volunteer work page! It's great that you are going to spend a day helping others. From BNP Paribas Cardif you get one working day per year that you can spend on volunteering. Together with a number of other BNP entities in the Netherlands, we participate in this because we consider social involvement as an organization important. For example, the BNP Paribas Group aims to spend 1 million hours a year on volunteering. We also think that this is an excellent way to get to know your colleagues in a different way. That is why you can only register with a group of at least three people. Take a quick look below which activity appeals to you, gather a number of colleagues who want to participate and register. And also think of colleagues from other departments, or even from other entities. Make sure you coordinate with your manager beforehand when it is convenient. Do you have questions? Ask them to your colleagues from Marketing & Communication or HRM. Lots of fun!
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