Cooking at BOOST

Vacancy · Starting from 13 Mar 2019
Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Detailed description

BOOST is an active community where newcomers and local Amsterdammers meet each other and get to know each other's cultures. To really participate in a new city you need to have activities and friends, and speak the language! BOOST offers people the chance to participate in an active community through different activities, such as language activities, courses and all kinds of events, but also through the daily lunch!

Everyday a mix of newcomers and locals prepare a delicious lunch for the volunteers and participants. They exchange their language, recipes and culture from different countries. As a cook you work from approximately 10-14 o'clock. A great way to participate in a wonderful initiative, to meet new people and to exchange languages and cultures!

So join the BOOST kitchen team!

Getting there
About BOOST Transvaal
BOOST Transvaal is a meeting place for newcomers and locals. Here newcomers and locals can get to know each other and work on integration. We organise Dutch classes, Dutch language cafe, and many other activities and events. BOOST is a community where we create a safe environment together, so that old and new Amsterdammers can get to know (and learn from) each other.
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