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BuurtBuik saves food from waste by collecting food from catering establishments, supermarkets and greengrocers and sharing it with local residents. This is how we make a better neighborhood together: ...

Community & familyPoverty & housing

Day coordinator BuurtBuik Utrecht

0–5 hrs/wk
Utrecht, Utrecht, Nederland
CookingCreativeTeamworkOrganisingLeadershipTalking to othersListeningDutchReading & Writing
Community & familyPoverty & housing
This volunteering opportunity is expired
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Buurtbuik Utrecht is expanding and that is why we are looking for new day coordinators.

Detailed description

BuurtBuik in times of corona

Buurtbuik stands for connecting and bringing people together, of course this is sometimes very difficult with the current situation. That is why we look every week at the developments regarding corona and we adapt to them. As a result, we sometimes cook with fewer volunteers to keep the distance so that everyone can work safely. This also means that we cannot always eat in the community center, but have the meals collected.

About BuurtBuik

BuurtBuik collects surplus food from supermarkets, greengrocers and catering establishments and prepares a delicious meal every week to serve to local residents.

The mission of BuurtBuik: fight against food waste, bring together local residents from different population groups who could use a helping hand and / or have a need for social contact.

BuurtBuik is located at various locations in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and will open a second location in Utrecht in January, in the Sterrenwijk neighborhood!

Job description

As a day coordinator you are responsible for the overall operation during our meals. With about 8 volunteers you prepare a 3-course meal for about 30 guests! What does such a day look like?

You open the community center and make sure that the cyclists can go to pick up the food, in the meantime you fix some coffee and you receive the volunteers of that day. You will probably start with a nice introductory round and when the cyclists come back with the food, you will all see what has been collected this week. Together you think of what a nice 3-course meal you can make with this. Are you short of something? Then you arrange for someone to quickly drop by a supermarket!

In the meantime, you ensure that the tasks are divided; who is responsible for which dish, who will cut and prepare what and who will decorate the restaurant?

In the meantime, you keep a close eye that everything is on schedule and that it is ready on time. After dinner you ensure that everything is tidy, the dishes are done and everything is clean again. Have a chat with a cup of coffee and end the day together.

A good, friendly atmosphere is very important, so you can do all this with a smile!

Who are you?

You love people of all shapes, colors and sizes. You are naturally superior, reliable and have leadership qualities.

You know how to enthuse and direct people and do not mind helping where necessary.

You are flexible and available at least one Wednesday a month, between 3:00 pm - 8:00 pm.

What do you get in return?

An enthusiastic team, an educational experience in leading meals where a very diverse audience comes together to have a nice meal, and the opportunity to actively fight against food waste.

What volunteers need😇 Disclosure and Barring Service

🗣️ Native language skills

Getting there

Volunteering in Utrecht > Utrecht Opportunities > BuurtBuik Utrecht > Day coordinator BuurtBuik Utrecht

About BuurtBuik Utrecht

BuurtBuik saves food from waste by collecting food from catering establishments, supermarkets and greengrocers and sharing it with local residents. This is how we make a better neighborhood together: we bring local residents together, lend each other a hand and save food from the waste bin.

Volunteers and neighbors collect the food and jointly cook a free and healthy meal. A creative challenge every time: after all, you never know what the yield of the day will be! When dinner is ready, anyone who wants to is welcome to sit at the table. Because in addition to good food, BuurtBuik is mainly about fun.
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This volunteering opportunity is expired
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