About De Nieuwe Verbinders

Three-quarters of the Dutch feel that conflicts between groups on social issues are widening. The De Nieuwe Verbinders project offers optimistic and constructive feedback.

In the project we train 165 young people from 17 to 27 years old from all walks of life with different backgrounds from Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht to become the connectors of tomorrow in 30 weeks. They use the knowledge and experiences that they gain in this to tackle discrimination and exclusion and to build bridges between people and worldviews. First the participants in high school classes break open the conversation about discrimination, exclusion and prejudice. Then the participants start working in an organization in their city with a pressing question on the theme and in this way make a real impact on the city. The voluntary process will start in September 2019. Participants receive a super nice (work) experience, build their CV and receive a certificate + fee at the end.
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