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Do you want to use your experience of depression for others?

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SummaryIn Hilversum, counselors are needed to guide our support groups.
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There is a great need for support groups and demand is increasing.

A support group is a form of self-help. A group consists of about 8 people who have (had) a depression. They come together to exchange experiences and discuss how they deal with their depression in daily life. Everything related to depression can be discussed in these groups.

The Depression Association wants to contribute with the groups to recognizing signals and reducing relapse. We also do research on this among the participants.

A support group always has two counselors. The meetings take place once or twice a month (this varies per group).

What are you going to do?

You want to use your own experience with depression for others who are experiencing or have experienced a depression. As a counselor you do that by creating a safe and warm climate. You supervise the group discussions and you monitor the group process.

A number of practical tasks are also part of your duties; such as setting up a new group if necessary, arranging a location, recruiting participants and welcoming and informing new participants, a piece of administration….

What do we ask from you?

You can very well use your own experience with depression without this becoming a guide for others. You give participants the space to find their own way, so that they feel accepted in who they are.

You are a warm personality and you have a genuine interest in others. You feel people and you put them at ease.

Sometimes meetings run differently than you had planned, with your flexibility you know how to anticipate.

Take into account a time investment of approximately 5 hours per month. For group safety it is important that you commit yourself to a support group for at least one year.

What do we offer?

A unique opportunity to contribute to the quality of life of people with depression. Of course we don't just let you go on a group; you first receive a 2-day training for counselors. You are supported at all times by the regional coordinator in your own region. Of course we reimburse your costs. There is an annual day for volunteers and there is a possibility for intervision.

Do you have questions / interest?

Then we would love to hear from you! Send your mail with your details and a short motivation to Heidi Heuvelman, national coordinator of the support groups:

You can also register via the website:

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About Depressie Vereniging

De Depressie Vereniging is de landelijke patiëntenvereniging voor mensen met een depressie en hun naasten. Wij organiseren in heel Nederland supportgroepen
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