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Are you between 16 and 27? Do you have about 1 day a week? And do you want to actively contribute to nature and sustainability in the Netherlands? For example, putting nature work on the map among ...

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Nature Impact Days - Boost the biodiversity in your area

8 hrs/wk · 27 Feb – 3 Jul
Delft, South Holland, Netherlands
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Detailed description

** This Green Traineeship is in Dutch. Sometimes your browser wants to translate the text into English. If so, check your browser settings and set it to Dutch, you will see the original Dutch text **

Ha green world improver!

Do you want to make the Nature Impact Days a great success together with an energetic team of other young people?

Nature Impact Days is a campaign for young people, by young people. Our mission is to get as many young people as possible enthusiastic about boosting nature and biodiversity in their area.

We will do this by organizing cool nature jobs for young people during the Nature Impact Days in May 2021, at 25 inspiring green locations in South Holland. For example, on the nature island Tiengemeten, where young people will improve the habitat of the Scottish Highlanders during the nature job. Or how about a nature job in a food forest in Rotterdam or Tiny Forest location in The Hague? Where young people can help plant trees or maintain these special green spaces in the city!

Together we will ensure that as many young people as possible work on a nature job in their own environment during the Nature Impact Days. In doing so, they make a positive impact on nature and biodiversity, they increase their knowledge of nature and they meet other young people with a heart for nature.

So, do you have a green heart, 1001 ideas how you can enthuse others to also contribute to nature and biodiversity and are you an organization and / or communication talent?

Then join our team!

Take a look at the website natureimpactdays nl or on our Instagram page: NatureImpactDays

In short: your commitment

Organizing the Nature Impact Days, at the end of May 2021, together with other trainees and 25 great green organizations in South Holland. The activities include:

  • Boost the campaign plan with your creative ideas and think along about the strategy.

  • Collaborate with green organizations and initiatives by them:
  1. advise on setting up a nature job for young people;
  2. support in reaching and recruiting young people for their nature job.

  • Inspiring and mobilizing young people to participate in the Nature Impact Days. By for example:
  1. to design a social media strategy and campaign to inform and mobilize as many young people as possible for the Nature Impact Days;
  2. keep the online Nature Impact Days community engaged and expand;

  • Getting started (outside) with the practical organization of the Nature Impact Days and the nature jobs.

  • Thinking and advising on a follow-up to the Nature Impact Days after May 2021.

In short: your impact

Roll up those sleeves, put on your boots and create an unforgettable Nature Impact Days campaign together with other young people. Do it for the trees, for the insects, for the greenery in the city.

Thanks to your efforts, we mobilize as many young people as possible in South Holland to roll up their sleeves and get to work during the Nature Impact Days. With this traineeship you therefore give a boost to Dutch nature and biodiversity. That is now extra important, because nature could use a helping hand. In addition, the Nature Impact Days for young people are also a teaser for green voluntary work. After the Nature Impact Days they are eager to get back to work. You will therefore also help build a green youth network in South Holland that will continue to devote itself flexibly to the green in their neighborhood even after the Nature Impact Days.


The traineeship starts on February 27 and ends on June 30. In these months you will work on the campaign on average 1 day a week. Tuesday is the fixed working day. At the office in Delft or Rijswijk or online. In addition, it is nice if you are flexible and can occasionally work (at home) on other days.


Delft, Rijswijk and online.

The project and Covid-19 measures

The Covid-19 measures will have an impact on the project, for example on how we work together: with tightened measures, it will be online more often. The implementation of the Nature Impact Days may also change depending on the measures that come into effect in May 2021. Options are to run the event on a smaller scale, with a maximum number of participants per location. It is difficult to predict exactly what impact can be expected. That is why we will monitor developments closely and deal flexibly and creatively with the situation during the traineeship.

What do we offer?

The Green Traineeship gives you

  • a unique opportunity to gain knowledge and experience at a national project organization in the field of nature, education and sustainability;
  • professional guidance;
  • work together with a group of 10 to 12 trainees
  • relevant training and workshops;
  • an upgrade of your network;
  • a creative environment where you can discover and use your talent;
  • the ability to convert ideas into implementation;
  • a travel allowance.

So are you:

  • Between 16 and 27 years old?
  • Ready to increase your impact?
  • Available from February 27, 2021 to June 30, 2021?

Then sign up quickly!

Contact information:

Marije van der Kruk, South Holland Landscape

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About Groen Traineeship
Are you between 16 and 27? Do you have about 1 day a week? And do you want to actively contribute to nature and sustainability in the Netherlands? For example, putting nature work on the map among young people, save the eel, plant Tiny Forests together with residents and children or set up a festival tour for the kickstart "the Year of the Changeer". Then we have something that suits you. With the Green Traineeship you choose which project or projects you want to do. Hope to see you soon :)
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Signups closing in a month.12 spots left.
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