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Are you between 16 and 27? Do you have about 1 day a week? And do you want to actively contribute to nature and sustainability in the Netherlands? For example, putting nature work on the map among ...

Animal welfareEnvironment & sustainability

From climate education to climate action

5 hrs/wk · 27 Feb – 3 Jul
Rijksstraatweg 37, 6574 AC Ubbergen, Netherlands
Animal welfareEnvironment & sustainability
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Detailed description

** This Green Traineeship is in Dutch. Sometimes your browser wants to translate the text into English. If so, check your browser settings and set it to Dutch, you will see the original Dutch text **

Can you help us expand the climate course? Together with eight other young people, you ensure that the pilot version of the IVN climate course is expanded with two extra modules. At the moment, we are missing another lesson on system change that focuses on the role between our economic system and climate change. Together with an experienced trainer you develop an online teaching module on this subject. Experience and being outside are central within IVN courses. This part should also not be lacking in an online course. You think about how we can anchor climate excursions with a local touch in the existing course. As a trainee, you will work on this improvement in March and you will get to know the course and all facets of climate education in detail.

In April, the group will be split up and you choose a) organizing the renewed online climate course or b) organizing a climate event.

Organize an online climate course:

In April, together with 4 other trainees, you will be responsible for the organization and recruitment of the upgraded course series, which will start in May. As a course team you have contact with participants, climate trainers and IVN colleagues. Do you also want to teach? No problem, there is a lot of room to stand for the group yourself as a climate teacher. Rather not? Then as a tech buddy you ensure that the online course runs smoothly and interactively. Are you enthusiastic about the subject, but would you rather not stand in front of a group yourself as a teacher or tech buddy? No problem, then you stick to the organization and recruitment of the course.

Climate event:

In April and May, a group of 3-4 trainees is organizing a vibrant climate event for climate students and former students, with the aim of strengthening sustainability and climate education within IVN. In 2020 IVN has already reached more than 150 students with the IVN climate course. All students worked on a climate action plan. As a trainee, you map out the best action plans and ensure that these are widely (among all 27,000 IVN members) brought to the attention and can inspire others. You do this by means of a vibrant climate event for more than 150 participants.

Both traineeship jobs give you the opportunity to actively work for a greener and more sustainable world. Through various workshops and training courses, you will experience the power and pitfalls of climate education, discover your own motives for a more sustainable world and convert these into concrete actions.

In short: your commitment

  • You provide an upgrade of the pilot version of the climate course. You develop two additional teaching modules and think about better embedding climate actions within the course.
  • You organize the online climate course and focus on all facets of the course organization, where you get the opportunity to be a climate trainer for the group yourself.
  • You develop a vibrant climate event and carry it out at the beginning of June. The participants in the climate course present their action plans there, but we also invite all former students to this event. Speakers, location, PR and of course the implementation: you will take care of this together with the other trainees.
  • Can't get enough or do you want to gain more experience? Then you can work on an additional climate job: the organization of a train-the-trainer day or the development of an organizational manual online climate course. You will find out more about these jobs during the intake interviews.

In short: your impact

  • You provide a course of better quality, by means of additional modules.
  • You ensure that 25 people can follow the online climate course.
  • You reach more than 150 people during the climate action event (directly) and reach more than 5000 IVNers (indirectly) and make the subject of climate education visible within our organization in a challenging way.
  • You ensure the start-up of an IVN community climate and sustainability education for all former students.
  • You work on a train-the trainers meeting or develop a scenario for the online climate course. Both jobs are supplementary (20 hours extra effort) and make it possible for IVN to offer the course structurally from the summer onwards.


  • Start date: February 27, 2021 national day
  • Fixed working days: Start of the first working day Wednesday 3 March, followed by always on Wednesday 9.30 am - 4.30 pm (10 times) until May 5, 2021
  • Other working hours: Project implementation in May and June (times are determined by groups themselves)
  • End date: End of June with final national day on July 3


  • In March and April: Work location De Refter, Rijksstraatweg 37, Ubbergen near Nijmegen
  • Workspace available in consultation in May and June. Trainees mainly agree to work among themselves.
  • In case of corona restrictions we work via zoom.

What do we offer?

The Green Traineeship gives you

  • A unique opportunity to gain knowledge and experience at a national project organization in the field of nature, education and sustainability;
  • Professional guidance;
  • Collaborate with a group of 10 to 15 trainees
  • Relevant training and workshops;
  • An upgrade of your network;
  • A creative environment where you can discover and use your talent;
  • The ability to turn your ideas into action;
  • A travel allowance.

So are you:

  • Between 16 and 27 years old?
  • Ready to increase your impact?
  • Available from February 27, 2021 to July 3, 2021?

Then sign up quickly!

Contact information:

Nanook Vermaas and Alina Salomon (IVN Nature Education)

Getting there
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About Groen Traineeship
Are you between 16 and 27? Do you have about 1 day a week? And do you want to actively contribute to nature and sustainability in the Netherlands? For example, putting nature work on the map among young people, save the eel, plant Tiny Forests together with residents and children or set up a festival tour for the kickstart "the Year of the Changeer". Then we have something that suits you. With the Green Traineeship you choose which project or projects you want to do. Hope to see you soon :)
You can find general information about the Green Traineeship at
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Signups closing in a month.9 spots left.
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