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Are you between 16 and 27? Do you have about 1 day a week? And do you want to actively contribute to nature and sustainability in the Netherlands? For example, putting nature work on the map among ...

Animal welfareNature & sustainability

Vier de natuur met Fête de la Nature 2021

8 hrs/wk · 3 Jul – 5 Sep
Nijmegen, Gelderland, Netherlands
Animal welfareNature & sustainability
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SummaryYou organize an event, work on online communication or organize a closing party for the organizers of Fête de la Nature.
Detailed description

This summer there are two 'Fête de la Nature' projects. This project focuses on organizing a nature party and the national campaign. Would you rather organize one party in Gelderland? Then take a look at the other project: 'Fête de la Nature in Gelderland!'

During this project you are part of a green and sustainable grassroots festival and a large national IVN campaign. This festival, Fête de la Nature, will take place on 3, 4 & 5 September 2021 and makes it possible for everyone in the Netherlands to celebrate nature in their own way and contribute to the connection between man and nature. Grassroots means that everyone can organize a party themselves, without ticket sales or festival regulations.

During this traineeship you can choose from three jobs and together with other young people you ensure that thousands of people in the Netherlands celebrate nature together in the first weekend of September. During the traineeship, choose one of the three sub-projects below. There is sufficient overlap between all three projects so that you can meet all trainees regularly and work together. You don't have to choose a direction right now. We do this during the start weekend.

1) Organize an event

2) Working on the online communication Communication Boost

3) Host a party to close the event

Organize Fête

During Fête, show others why nature moves you. What does nature mean to you? We want to learn from you and expand the range of fête activities. Yoga on the meadow, a concert at the ditch or art under the tree! How do you celebrate nature? We also challenge you to set up online activities so that during Fête 2021 (due to corona and vulnerability) people can also participate online in the largest Dutch grassroots festival.

  • During the traineeship you come up with an activity, choose a location and involve the local IVN department in your plans.
  • During the online inspiration afternoon on 11 August you pitch your plan and you can inspire potential organizers with it.
  • During the Fête weekend, you will perform your chosen Fête activity on 2 of the 3 festival days and afterwards share your script and lessons learned with the national campaign team, so that we can enthuse others with your idea next year.


Are you more into promoting and less into organizing? Then this sub-project is really something for you. You dive into the world of Fête and you work on social media together with the national communication team of IVN. A great opportunity to participate in a large green campaign from IVN. You also advise your fellow trainees on the promotion of their Fête events.

  • During the inspiration day, you let organizers know how they can promote their own activities even more effectively.
  • During the fête weekend you take care of the social media channels of Fête and IVN.

Organize a closing event

After a successful Fête weekend, we also want to offer all organizers a party. You ensure that this is an unforgettable event and you perform this afterparty in September. Please note: you are not doing the Fête weekend itself, but later in September! You choose the date together with the other trainees!

  • During the online walk-in day you present your plan to the attendees and get new ideas.

Your commitment in short: you work on

  • The development of nature parties by offering one yourself.
  • The national promotion of this festival and the events of your fellow trainees on social media
  • The step to a large Fête movement in the Netherlands by means of a closing party for organizers.

Your impact

  • You ensure that there are more fête activities that surprise and inspire
  • You realize an online event offer in case the corona measures require this
  • You involve various IVN departments at Fête
  • You ensure that the events are promoted and that a minimum of 10,000 visitors participate
  • you organize a closing event for the organizers of Fête

Corona Disclaimer

The activities in the run-up to the traineeship can also take place online.

If Fête cannot take place (very small chance) we will organize an online nature party on September 4.

Who are we looking for

All young people between the ages of 16 and 27 are welcome. Do you think nature should be celebrated and can you find yourself in a green environment? Then you are in the right place for this traineeship! Since this traineeship has three different subprojects, young people with different interests and motivations can participate. Do you have experience with setting up events or are you busy with social media? This is of course very welcome, but prior knowledge is not a hard requirement.


You work 90 hours on this traineeship.

  • July 9 and 10: Kick-off Weekend
  • From Friday 3 pm to Saturday 3 pm in Nijmegen with accommodation and meals included. Participation in an intrinsic program is compulsory, overnight stay is optional!
  • Working days in Nijmegen

9:00 am to 5:00 pm on some Wednesdays in July and August.  

July 14 & August 4, 11 and 18

Performance Fête weekend on location

September 3,4,5

Start and end of national days


The traineeship takes place in Ubbergen near Nijmegen. The location of the start weekend is the De Refter residential and work building in Ubbergen.

Who offers this traineeship?

The traineeship is organized by IVN Nature Education. The national project manager of Fête de la Nature and a communication colleague from IVN supervise this project.

Getting there
Volunteering in Nijmegen > Nijmegen Opportunities > Groen Traineeship > Vier de natuur met Fête de la Nature 2021
About Groen Traineeship
Are you between 16 and 27? Do you have about 1 day a week? And do you want to actively contribute to nature and sustainability in the Netherlands? For example, putting nature work on the map among young people, save the eel, plant Tiny Forests together with residents and children or set up a festival tour for the kickstart "the Year of the Changeer". Then we have something that suits you. With the Green Traineeship you choose which project or projects you want to do. Hope to see you soon :)
You can find general information about the Green Traineeship at
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