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Are you between 16 and 27? Do you have about 1 day a week? And do you want to actively contribute to nature and sustainability in the Netherlands? For example, putting nature work on the map among ...

Animal welfareNature & sustainability

Ecosocial Futures

7 hrs/wk · 25 Sep – 31 Dec
Tolhuisweg 1, 1031 CL Amsterdam, Nederland
Animal welfareNature & sustainability
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Do you want to make a valuable contribution for people & planet? Then this traineeship is for you!

Detailed description

Attention to increasing the minimum wage while the earth is becoming more and more uninhabitable, or attention to climate change while poverty is increasing... that of course makes no sense if you want real justice - climate justice to be precise! In this traineeship you will work as a bridge builder. To make the Netherlands truly inclusively sustainable, we desperately need the passion and knowledge from these two corners - social and ecological. You pass on all the knowledge and experiences that you are going to build up to your peers by developing a course. This way you contribute to the tools your generation needs to fight for a stronger, more effective climate movement.

As a trainee you meet weekly with your team, and you look for the stories and motives behind social and ecological organizations in the Netherlands. You will approach these organizations to talk about their vision. Are they mainly concerned with people, with planet, or do they see people and planet as a whole? What opportunities are there to learn from the different visions, to inspire each other, and to collaborate more effectively? So you will find out together with other young people from different backgrounds who find people and planet important. You will also develop your perspective by doing your own research and exchanging ideas with the other trainees. You will learn how to collect this knowledge, and how to turn it into a course, from the education experts at Fawaka.

Your bet in short:

- You investigate the main differences and similarities between a people approach and a planet approach

- You research and approach Dutch organizations and individuals that a) deal with planet, b) deal with people, or c) see people and planet as a whole

- You will reflect individually and in groups: how do you view the approaches?

- You will use your own research and input from the parties approached to propose course content and activities

- You will test these proposals with a target group (mix of online, indoor and outdoor activities)

- You will further develop the content and activities that the target group was positive about into a feasible course, under the guidance of Fawaka employees

Your impact in short:

The course that you will develop based on your insights during this traineeship will enable many young people to build on after you!



From September 25 to the end of December. On 25 September we will meet all green trainees in the Netherlands during a national day. From Tuesday (final weekly working day is negotiable) September 28th we will meet every Tuesday between 9.00 and 16.00. Where possible on location and otherwise digitally.


- Fawaka office, Tolhuisweg 1, 1031 CL Amsterdam

- Online

About the organization

Fawaka Netherlands is a young organization in growth. Our goal is to inspire sustainable action. In doing so, we hope to show that everyone can work sustainably and thus have a positive impact on people and the environment. We want to make sustainability something of, for and by all Dutch people.

We still need to get on with each other and our planet, so let's talk about how we can best do that. Diversity is the basis for Fawaka Netherlands. It is precisely differences that are interesting. We like to involve people from all cultural backgrounds, all educational levels and all provinces: the more different people and stories, the better!

Will you help to make the whole of the Netherlands sustainable?

What do we offer?

The Green Traineeship gives you

- A unique opportunity to gain knowledge and experience at a national project organization in the field of nature education and sustainability;

- Professional guidance;

- Collaborate with a group of 10 to 15 trainees

- Relevant training and workshops;

- An upgrade of your network;

- A creative environment where you can discover and deploy talent;

- The ability to turn ideas into implementation;

- A travel allowance

So are you

● Between 16 and 27 years old?

● Ready to increase your impact and put justice on the climate agenda?

● From September 25, 2021 to the end of December 2021

Then sign up quickly!

Getting there

About Groen Traineeship

Are you between 16 and 27? Do you have about 1 day a week? And do you want to actively contribute to nature and sustainability in the Netherlands? For example, putting nature work on the map among young people, save the eel, plant Tiny Forests together with residents and children or set up a festival tour for the kickstart "the Year of the Changeer". Then we have something that suits you. With the Green Traineeship you choose which project or projects you want to do. Hope to see you soon :)
You can find general information about the Green Traineeship at
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Signups closing in a month.12 spots left.
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