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Are you between 16 and 27? Do you have about 1 day a week? And do you want to actively contribute to nature and sustainability in the Netherlands? For example, putting nature work on the map among ...

Animal welfareNature & sustainability

Gronings Groen: young people in the neighbourhood!

6–8 hrs/wk · 25 Sep – 26 Feb
Roderwolderdijk 60, 9744 TH gemeente Groningen, Nederland
Animal welfareNature & sustainability
Signups closing in a month.14 spots left.
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The greenery in a neighborhood or village is there for everyone, how do we make this an even nicer place for you and the young people in the neighbourhood?

Detailed description

Would you like to follow a Traineeship in which you will learn everything about nature in your neighborhood and where you can then involve your friends in devising and implementing beautiful projects in nature? And do you live in the province of Groningen? Then this Green Traineeship, where you come up with plans and where you roll up your sleeves, is really something for you!

All that greenery, or the nature in your neighborhood is very nice, but what do you actually do with it? If you could decide, how would you like to organize it? For example, consider:

- What else can be done, so that you go for a walk 'even' more often or exercise in the greenery in your area.

- Create a picking garden to stimulate awareness about bees.

- How you can create encounters in nature, because it is healthier for you and your friends to meet there and, what is needed for that?

You are close to determining it!

In short: your commitment

With a group of trainees (12-15 trainees) you will work together in two different villages in Groningen (this can also be your own village)!

The goal: a plan to adapt or manage the neighborhood greenery together with a number of young people from the village to which the neighborhood greenery belongs!

- You will receive training and workshops to arrive at such a plan, but also what can and cannot be done in that grove and how you take landscape design and development into account.

- We take you on excursions to example projects or organizations and companies that deal with this subject.

- And you will receive a workshop on how you can involve other young people to come to a joint plan that makes everyone happy.

Well prepared, you make the plan and you start with the implementation. Roll up your sleeves, saw, plant, sow. Everything you need to get to the final result.

What will you learn by following this Traineeship?

- knowledge about nature,

- knowledge about nature and landscape design,

- knowledge about management and maintenance of nature,

- you learn in which role you perform well and feel comfortable in a team,

- you get to know your talents,

- you learn how to involve young people,

- you learn how participation processes work,

- you will soon be able to enter into a dialogue in which you listen and ask further questions.


Landscape Management Groningen, Roderwolderdijk 60, Groningen

And in the villages where necessary and possible.

About the organization

Landscape Management Groningen is committed to the preservation and development of the regional cultural landscape. We are committed to its beauty, the great variety of plants and animals and the rich cultural history. Landscape Management Groningen does not have its own sites and therefore always works together with residents and social organisations.

We support (local) initiatives, develop and realize a range of landscape projects and carry out maintenance work. We share our knowledge and experience so that the varied and unique landscape of the province of Groningen is and remains accessible to everyone.

We offer you:

- professional guidance

- a unique opportunity to gain knowledge and experience at a national project organization in the field of nature education and sustainability;

- working together in a team with a group of 10 to 15 trainees

- relevant training courses and workshops;

- a creative environment where you can discover and use your talent;

- the ability to turn ideas into implementation;

So are you:

- Between 16 and 27 years old?

- Available on Tuesdays from the end of September 2021 to February 2022 (Your commitment is on average 6-8 hours per week, Tuesday is our regular working day.)

- Ready to be around in the green?

Then sign up quickly!

What volunteers need

🗣️ Native language skills

Getting there

Volunteering in gemeente Groningen > gemeente Groningen Opportunities > Groen Traineeship > Gronings Groen: young people in the neighbourhood!

About Groen Traineeship

Are you between 16 and 27? Do you have about 1 day a week? And do you want to actively contribute to nature and sustainability in the Netherlands? For example, putting nature work on the map among young people, save the eel, plant Tiny Forests together with residents and children or set up a festival tour for the kickstart "the Year of the Changeer". Then we have something that suits you. With the Green Traineeship you choose which project or projects you want to do. Hope to see you soon :)
You can find general information about the Green Traineeship at
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Signups closing in a month.14 spots left.
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