About Health Works

Health Works also known as HealthNet TPO is a Dutch aid agency with its main office in Amsterdam and field offices in Afghanistan, Burundi and South Sudan.

Our vision: a world in which people in fragile and (post)conflict settings can actively contribute in rebuilding their own lives, health and wellbeing.
Our mission: building trust through health initiatives that lead to social inclusion and improved health and wellbeing.

Coming from a health care background, HealthNet found that improving health in extremely fragile situations requires a social – and not only medical – approach. HealthNet developed a way to identify agency and resources in vulnerable populations. People excluded from public services and any realistic development perspective have often lost the use of their own communal resources for change. These are hidden in the damaged social fabric of the community.
Health Works improves health and wellbeing by changing victims into agents of change, building on existing community resources to create new resources, thus help people gain health, hope and confidence. Health Works programs and interventions have contributed to significant changes over the last 27 years. This was achieved not only in the time bound implementation of specific programs but also in building local and regional capacities to establish and maintain systems of care and support within communities women, children and vulnerable members of society.