Volunteers recruit primary school intermediaries

Event · 3 Jan 2019, 11:15
Friesland, Nederland
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This is a past volunteering opportunity.
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Detailed description

Youth Fund Culture Friesland is looking for a part-time volunteer immediately.

The Youth Fund for Culture offers all children and young people from families where there is not enough money the opportunity to participate in culture on a structural basis. We pay the contribution and / or tuition fee and the required attributes. We work throughout the country with a limited number of professionals and many volunteers and are present in the capillaries of society.

Reaching children from poorer and often socially excluded families is the biggest challenge for all parties involved. That is why we work with intermediaries; professionals working in education (PO & VO), social neighborhood team (formerly youth care), debt counseling, humanitarian care (food bank, humanitas, refugee work) and health care. They know the children and the (financial) home situation and can apply for the child. Their importance is to stimulate the development and well-being of the children. They have direct access to the children and the parents because they are professionally involved with the children and families. The further growth in the number of children is largely dependent on the increase in the number of intermediaries and more active use of existing intermediaries.

The school is the place where all children and young people come every day, where the home situation is known and where the children are really known. Teachers are therefore the most important intermediaries for reaching more children.

The volunteer works for the Jeugdfonds Cultuur Friesland and has as main task visiting primary schools. The purpose of the personal recruitment visit is to receive a commitment from schools to participate and to agree who can apply from the school and when.

Job description:

• Visit school management primary schools to recruit intermediaries

• Inform about registration procedure

• Inform about class poverty recognition

Job requirements:

• Good communication skills both orally and in writing

• Affinity with the fund's objective

• Service-oriented and customer-friendly

• Flexibility and independence

• Living in Friesland

• Knowledge of the local network and social organizations in and around the schools is desirable

We offer:

• You are part of an organization that encourages cultural participation of children

• A volunteer allowance


• 2 hours of training and preparation

• 2 hours per visit to the school board

Getting there
About Jeugdfonds Cultuur Friesland
Het Jeugdfonds Cultuur Friesland betaalt het lesgeld voor kinderen en jongeren uit gezinnen waar te weinig geld is voor muziek – of dansles, schilderen, theaterschool of een andere creatieve cursus.
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This is a past volunteering opportunity.
Scan me or visit www.deedmob.com/o/Jeugdfonds-Cultuur-Friesland/deeds/14360 to join