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Together with your dog, you will visit the lowest groups of primary schools in your area to teach children how to handle dogs safely. In this way, the number of dog bites in children can be reduced and fear of dogs decreases, while understanding and respect increases. Do you and your dog meet all of our other job requirements? Then sign up as a Snuffel Volunteer via!

Job description:

The Sophia SnuffelCollege consists of three weekly lessons of 30 to 45 minutes. In the first lesson you introduce the children to a hand puppet. During the second and third lesson your dog comes into the classroom and the theory is put into practice. How do you tell if a dog is angry or sad? When can you pet a dog and when should you leave it alone? You explain the most important rules for dealing with dogs in a playful way. In addition, let the children practice stroking, brushing and giving treats. Afterwards everyone receives a SnuffelDiploma and a workbook with games and information for the parents.

Job requirements:

What do we expect from you? • You are good with children and enjoy doing this; • You have a thorough knowledge of dog behavior; • You are available at least 9 half-days per year during school hours; • You are representative of the association and you support our goals; • You have your own transport to visit schools with your dog; • You are willing to approach schools in your area yourself. What do we expect from your dog? • He is at least 18 months old and at most 8 years old; • He has followed a basic course at a dog school (this is not the puppy course, but the obedience training that follows); • It is covered by the owner's liability insurance (AVP); • He is stress resistant and enjoys socializing with children.

What makes the work worthwhile ?:

"It is fantastic to be a sniffer volunteer! You can really teach children something through the interaction with your dog. Working with your own dog makes it the ideal volunteer work for me and you also contribute to our society. In short, volunteering that is fulfilling. gives!" - Ilja Moll "Even if there was only one child that would not be bitten by a dog, my many years of commitment to the Sophia SnuffelCollege has already paid off." - Dorette Stöveken

Working time:

In consultation. At least 9 half-days per year during school hours.
What volunteers need

🗣️ Native language skills

What we will provide to volunteers

💸 Reimbursement of costs🤝 Extra support
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