Making session # 5 // "18, and then?" - better opportunities for young newcomers

Event · 6 hrs · 24 Sep 2019, 09:30 - 15:15
Posttheater, Rosendaalsestraat 27, Arnhem, Gelderland 6824, Nederland
This is a past volunteering opportunity.100 spots left.
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Making session # 5: "18, and then?"

Many in Gelderland are committed to the smooth and sensible integration of newcomers into society - not least those newcomers themselves. This is all the more true for teenagers with a flight background. Supported by various organizations, they find their way in the Netherlands. But when they turn 18, a lot changes for them. After all, they are mature before the law. That transition is not going smoothly and is hindering them in school, work and living. How can that transition go better? What do young newcomers really need? What obstacles can we clear together? In short, how do we ensure that their wishes and plans determine their development, not their age?

With these questions as a starting point, the province of Gelderland is organizing a Make Session 18 with Open Embassy , and then? The assignment: an action agenda to pave the way for young newcomers in Gelderland in the coming years.

The Make Session takes place on September 24, from 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM in Arnhem. For young newcomers, policy makers and practitioners from healthcare and education, social organizations, volunteers and researchers. In the morning program we deepen the questions and learn from the experience of young newcomers and professionals from the education and social domain. We analyze the most urgent issues based on stories from newcomers. In the afternoon we design concrete solutions for those issues. We do this by jointly developing an action agenda: a concrete list of actions that those present perform with the help of other stakeholders.

The dual purpose: to gather knowledge about what works and what doesn't, while optimally increasing the chances for young newcomers. We link the solutions and ideas directly to the questions and challenges in Gelderland. That way we can become very concrete.

Why would you come?

You can share your knowledge and expertise, gain new knowledge and ensure that your most striking action can be implemented with a group of like-minded people.

You will receive the definitive program mid-September.

If registration for whatever reason is unsuccessful, send a message to Tamer Allaloush / and we will ensure that you are on the list.

The session is one of the eleven Making Sessions that the Province of Gelderland is organizing in 2018 and 2019. The goal is to learn by doing what works, what doesn't work and what still needs to be developed to make integration in Gelderland a success.

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Hoe brengen we samen met nieuwkomers de integratie van nieuwkomers in de praktijk een stap verder? De Provincie Gelderland heeft OpenEmbassy gevraagd een reeks maaksessies te ontwikkelen. In een maaksessie delen nieuwkomers en organisaties, die betrokken zijn bij integratie hun kennis en helpen ze een lokaal probleem concreet verder. Actiegericht leren noemen wij dat.
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This is a past volunteering opportunity.100 spots left.
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