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Keizersgracht, Keizersgracht, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland 1016, Nederland
This deed is expired
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Do you share our mission and do you want to help us make a difference? Get in touch with us now so we can find out together how you can help! Tell us a bit more about yourself and why you’re motivated to support our mission, and we’ll get back to you soon so we can start doing good together!
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About Mensen Maken Amsterdam Fonds voor Zuid


Fund for South is committed to initiatives that contribute to a nicer, greener, more safe, colorful or cleaner neighborhood. This concerns projects that enrich the neighborhood in areas such as culture, well-being, health, the elderly, art, nature, sports, youth and safety. The emphasis is on the active involvement of residents, the interconnection of people and increasing solidarity in the neighborhood. Fonds voor Zuid raises and distributes local money.

It is not yet possible to apply to the fund at this time. In order to distribute money locally, we must first raise money. Soon more information about how you can contribute to the fund - and with that you can contribute to special initiatives that Zuid makes.

We are looking for:
- Neighborhood committee members who want to dedicate themselves to assessing applications from local residents in a team. We do this by meeting several times a year on an evening or on a weekend day. We also appreciate it if you would like to think about how we can make the Fund for South more known. The first meeting will certainly be about that. (To become a neighborhood committee member you must live in Amsterdam South.)

If you want to make an effort, let Maud Oonk know. She will then make a (call) appointment with you to see what we can do for each other! Because; People Make Amsterdam!
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