About New life with Jesus

Enabling education for disadvantaged gypsy children in (Belarus) Russia / Ukraine. These children are not visible to the rest of the world, there is a lot of poverty and illiteracy. With this foundation we want to offer them some quality of life. They live in a strongly closed culture, where people are completely dependent on each other. We assume that everyone has their qualities and talents, including these children. The gypsy culture is characterized by great creativity and talent for music and dance. Through education, we also want to encourage them to further develop this.


Establish a Christian community (village) where people can also work directly at their house, a farm (with about 20 cows), also a cheese factory (set up from the Netherlands) and a shop. Hereby establishing a school for the children where volunteers from the Netherlands and elsewhere will teach as much as possible with learning materials that we have collected, using lessons and learning methods from the Netherlands.
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