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Schulpweg 37, 3084 Rotterdam, Nederland
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The Nico Adriaans Stichting (NAS) offers help to vulnerable and homeless people in Rotterdam by giving them a home, allowing them to live independently, offering them a daily activity or a temporary bridge. One of the locations where a daily activity is offered is the Kookclub Catering in Rotterdam South.

The production kitchen of Kookclub Catering prepares bread lunches and hot meals 5 days a week for internal projects and external organizations. Participants work here under the guidance of a chef and social worker. They gain experience with working in a production kitchen, or with preparing large quantities of food. One of the most important aspects of this work is to follow a meticulous schedule to be able to deliver all meals at the right time - warm - for transport.

For transporting the hot meals from the kitchen to the place of destination, the Nico Adriaans Foundation is urgently looking for a driver.

If you are our driver, then you report to the Kookclub-Catering every Monday and Thursday at half past three. When the meals are loaded on the bus, you start your round. You visit 2 or 3, sometimes 4 addresses in Rotterdam where you deliver the meals. This takes around 3 hours. Then you drive back to the Kookclub-Catering to neatly leave the bus there again. Smoking is not allowed on the bus.

For the travel costs that you incur from your house to the Kookclub-Catering, you will receive a reimbursement of 37ct per kilometer OR the actual public transport costs.

We ask you to request a VOG that we will pay for you.

You can start almost immediately and you will soon be asked to drive the route independently. You are an experienced driver and have had your driver's license for at least a year.

You like that you can do something for the homeless. It gives you satisfaction to contribute to projects such as Tafeltje-Dekje or the Pauluskerk. You are someone who is tolerant, friendly and stress resistant. And you know that your contribution matters and really makes a difference and that is something you are proud of.

If you recognize yourself in the above, please contact us quickly via email: or send a message via the app: 06 2320 3324. We are smartly waiting for you!

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This volunteering opportunity is expired
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