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Do you share our mission and do you want to help us make a difference? Get in touch with us now so we can find out together how you can help! Tell us a bit more about yourself and why you’re motivated to support our mission, and we’ll get back to you soon so we can start doing good together!
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About Pennies

Pennies’ vital statistics
In just seven years, we’re thrilled that customers have adopted the micro-donation movement in their millions. Here you’ll find breakdowns of our impact so far, including our expenditure versus our income, and examples of how we’ve made those pennies count for over 300 causes around the UK.
You can also read more about our charitable aims and social impact in our Pennies Impact Report 2016/17 here.
Over £13,000,000 raised for charity
We’re making more pennies count for charity week on week, as we grow.
Over 55,000,000 donations
Customers have pressed, and clicked, ‘yes’ to donate millions of times.
Over 300 charities helped
In 7 years, we’ve supported over 300 regional and national charities.
Crunching the numbers
How our spending compares to our income, and the customer habits that drive micro-donations.
Charitable spending
In 2016, 96% of our spending was spent on direct charitable activities. Just 4% was spent on supporting these activities and governance.
% to Pennies
Up 10% of customer donations go to Pennies, to help us grow. The remaining 90% goes to charities nominated by the retailer.
Cashless society
39% of the public told us they frequently leave the house without cash. Pennies offers people a way to keep making small-change donations.
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