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Photographer / Content Creator / Social Media

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Social mediaMarketing & Communications
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Detailed description

Why are we:

SQ:CultureHub is the home of the conscious, creative and authentic. A place where conscious creators can connect. A place where you can work, play and grow. SQ:CultureHub is founded by Ruben Kramer and Glenn van Roggen. We created this place because we felt the need for it ourselves.

The SQ:CultureHub has a network of the most talented creatives (in every field) that are interested in taking good care of themselves and their surroundings in their process of creating.

It's a place where this network comes together, interacts, and creates amazing things together. We are here to guide our network in their

growth wether it be professionally or personally. We also organize events for these creatives and their public. Here's a grasp of our upcoming events:

  • Me, my health and I :


  • Comic night:


  • Dog café:


Why and What?:

  • Why volunteer @ SQ?

If you are an individual that has a great interest in Creativity and Consciousness, this if the place for you. We have a lot of Growth opportunities, If you want to learn new skills in several different areas you can do that with us. We form a network of all kinds of different most talented creatives, so you'll have the chance to surround yourself with like-minded individuals. Also you'll be able to visit our events for free.

  • What does the task entail?

We want to capture our events. We know that photography is a powerful way of doing this. We have a lot of affinity with photography and visual art. Since we are a 2 man team we simply don't always have the time to put the proper energy and time in photography. A selection of what you can work:

  • Capturing our events in video and photography
  • Creating content for our socials and other outings
  • Think with us about the visual aspect of our brand (photography, video style)
  • Editing video and photography

That's why we're looking for you. A passionate content creator who can help us with our visuals and who loves to think with us. When you feel like this is you. We're looking forward to meet you, let's get in touch ;).

Getting thereSQ: Culturehub

About SQ:CultureHub

SQ:CultureHub is the home of the conscious, creative and authentic. A place where conscious creators can connect. A place where you can work, play and grow.

There are 3 core elements:

The Gallery and Store:
We showcase work from the creators in our network. The walls are filled with visual artwork. In our store we display work of all our creators.

The Stage:
We host events. Lectures, Performances, Theater, Spoken word, Jam-sessions etc. Basically everything you’ll find on a stage. The goal is to bring likeminded people together and to inspire.

The Seats:
We have a great place where you can sit and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere. Meet likeminded people and build new connections. Eat delicious and tasty food that makes you feel great.