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Support a family or young people with many concerns by walking with them for a while

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Kwartellaan 13, 3704 Zeist, Nederland
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Samen Op Oopopen connects volunteers with families and young people who can use support. These are families with stress due to problems in multiple areas of life. Often families who have fled or cannot cope well in our complex society. You can mean a lot to such a family by walking with them for a while and thinking along and acting with the parent (s) and children wherever needed.

In this way you strengthen the power of the family, expand their social network and help you to do what is needed, so that children have the opportunity to develop well.

Volunteers who fit well with the family or the younger come into the family weekly or every other week. The contact is friendly in nature and you think along at an equivalent level.

The professional coordinator can, as needed, use her expertise as a social worker. She monitors your boundaries and the family with you and if necessary is the bridge between professional organizations and you.

Would you like to make an effort to make a difference with us for families who are struggling? Then take a look at our website and contact us quickly so that together we can see how you can best help us! Tell us a little about yourself and why you are motivated to support a family or young people through Samen Oplopen, and we'll get back to you soon and get to work together!

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About Samen Oplopen

Families or young people with many problems and concerns are helped by good fellow citizens, volunteers. With the support and guidance of a (care) professional.
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