We are Sander and Bradley.


Together with the elderly we want to give them an unforgettable day. We do this by bringing old memories together with the elderly by means of a music quiz. You can think of games such as "I love Holland" and "The big music quiz". The Quizmaster will talk everything together and guide the quiz.

Info about music quiz for elderly people with dementia

Introduce the music quiz to people with dementia

It is always good to introduce an activity to elderly people with dementia. You help them determine their thoughts on what you want to do with them. Because melodies are stored deep in memory, it is already very easy to set up a CD that will get them in the mood. Another possibility is to put musical instruments or photos of composers or musical instruments on the table or to pass them on. You must be careful with the latter. Not only because of the safety of the elderly and the objects, but also not to scare the elderly if they would drop your recorder for example. You must, however, draw attention to images and objects on the table. They are not always noticed by themselves.