This is a past deed

Assistance at the internet cafe

Vacancy · 2 hrs/wk · Aug 13–Nov 12
This is a past deed
Detailed description

At a daytime location in the Eemeroord residential area in Baarn, Sherpa clients can playfully discover the possibilities of the internet, tablets and other computers. Activities include interactive games with the magic mirror, Skyping with relatives, swiping, music and exercise games. Games are also made with Game Maker. Especially for people with more limitations, digital playing is made attractive and easy! The internet cafe is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. On Sundays from 1 pm to 4 pm. We can determine the times and days on which you would like to help in consultation.

Working hours: In consultation

Special Conditions: Having affinity with the target group of people with intellectual disabilities and some skill with applications and computers is a plus!

Training method and guidance: Volunteers are indispensable. We realize that very well. That is why Sherpa in turn wants to take good care of the volunteer. There will be an introduction where you can see if this volunteer vacancy suits you. If you decide to assist us with this, you work together with an enthusiastic team of supervisors.

What we will provide to volunteersReimbursement of costs
Getting there

About Sherpa

Every person has the right to a pleasant life. Your own home and workplace where you feel at home. Prospects for a fun, meaningful day. A day when you meet others. Give content and shape to your life. Of course it's no different if you have a disability. That is why Sherpa supports people with a disability. With around 1500 employees and 560 volunteers, Sherpa provides services to around 1400 clients with an intellectual and / or physical disability. A team of experts provides the guidance and support that clients need to fully participate in society. They put the unique in every person at the center and work professionally, involved and in consultation with the client and his environment.

Sherpa is always looking for enthusiastic volunteers. How often you meet depends on you. Some like to go to the local market together every week, others agree on a monthly basis. The employees of the Social Deployment Office listen to your wishes, hobbies and interests and put them next to the questions of the clients. That way we always look for the perfect match!
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