About St Humanitas Home-Start

Growing up children? Busy family? Raising children can give a lot of pleasure and satisfaction. Keeping a family going is not always easy. There can be a fight with your children, tension with your partner, illness, little contact with family and friends. Or the administration is behind, one of the children is not doing homework, while another child is only looking at his cell phone, or ... It can be anything. You usually solve the problems yourself. Is it a bit too much now? You are not alone. If you can use home support, contact Home-Start.

Home-Start is at home in families. A trained volunteer who has experience with parenting offers you a helping hand. A listening ear. Trust. Tips about practical matters for your family. Such as doing something fun with the children, advice about the administration or picking out nice children's books together in the library. The volunteer can also help you make contact with other parents, exchange experiences with them or perhaps build new friendships.

You tell which questions you are asked about and what you want to have tips about. You go out together, talk about everyday parenting problems and look for solutions.

Home-Start is for families with growing children.
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