The Antar Foundation is committed to the healthy growth of vulnerable children in Amsterdam.
To that end, we organize free children's afternoons and weekends and 4 (almost free) camps per year.
Children's afternoons and weekends are held in our premises in Amsterdam-Oost.
Antar is small-scale and easily accessible. Personal attention and trust relationships are central to Antar. Everyone in Antar is committed unpaid. For 25 years there have been three of the same permanent supervisors (the founders and organizers) who are supported by a number of very nice volunteers. Some volunteers guide children, others help more in project form or one-off.

Almost everyone in Antar who accompanies the children is female. While we have a lot of boys who grow up without a father in the family or otherwise have little contact with men, while they, more than girls, need this.
Every young person or adult man who wants to play sports, play, make music, play around, play with children or whatever you like doing during children's afternoons or camps with children is particularly welcome!