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This deed is expired
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Reading newspaper and magazines in Grave

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Traverse 175, 5361 Grave, Nederland
DIY / Odd Jobs
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This deed is expired
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Detailed description


No, you are not going to read to anyone. You are going to read newspapers or magazines in a professional recording studio, so that someone who is blind or visually impaired can listen to 'your' newspaper or magazine. We have eleven recording studios in Grave. We read thousands of editions of newspapers and magazines every year: from national and regional newspapers to magazines such as the Libelle, Story, Vrij Nederland and Psychologie Magazine. But also the Girlz and the Kijk, Landleven and National Geographic. Do you like reading magazines and would you like to become one of our reading heroes? Then read on.


Newspapers and magazines are read in our recording studios in Grave from Monday to Friday between 8.30 am and 5 pm. We work in fixed time blocks:

  • from 8.45 am to 11.15 am;
  • from noon to 2.30 pm;
  • from 2.45 pm to 5.15 pm.

In each studio block you have a 15-minute coffee or tea break together with your colleague readers and the technician. In consultation with one of our planners, we reserve a studio for you, preferably on a weekly basis, at one of these times.


  • You are 17-30 years old.
  • You have a good general development and a broad interest.
  • You have done a minimum of HAVO.
  • You are prepared to participate in a well-oiled planning.
  • You are prepared to read at least 50 hours, preferably a reading of 2.5 hours every week.
  • You can read well and clearly.
  • You enjoy working with your voice and language.
  • Your voice must be able to talk for two consecutive hours.


  • You gain valuable knowledge and work experience, especially if you want to do something with your voice later.
  • You get a peek into the kitchen of our recording studios and the experience what it's like to be part of a well-oiled schedule.
  • You get knowledge and experience when it comes to voice use and different ways of reading and interpreting.
  • You gain experience with recording technology.
  • You learn what it is like to audition with your voice and be judged by it.
  • You have contact with the voice coaches and with other volunteers who enjoy reading.
  • And of course the nice feeling that because of your effort someone with a visual or other reading disability can simply enjoy a book.


  • If your voice test meets the conditions, you will be invited for a more extensive voice audit in our studios in Grave. You will be received by one of our voice coaches and you will be reading different types of texts. The voice coach pays attention to various things, such as intelligibility, reading comprehension and voice condition.
  • If you are hired after the voting audition, there will be 6 training sessions with the voting coach of approximately 2 hours. These hours are agreed with you.
  • At the end of this process you can read a newspaper or magazine in 2.5-hour periods.

You do not decide what you are going to read, our planners do that. Of course we take into account as much as possible what suits you and what you like. However, it may happen that you have to read something that does not interest you. But you do this to give someone else the opportunity to read what they want. The challenge for you is to read such a text in an attractive way.


Are you the reading hero we are looking for? Then sign up by sending us a digital voting test. You can read how to do this below.

  • Download this text and prepare it.
  • Open or download a dictaphone or voice recorder app on a smartphone, tablet or laptop.
  • Record the text and save it if you are satisfied.
  • Select the recording in the app and choose the 'Share' option and choose to share via email.
  • Give the subject the title 'Reading aloud Grave'.

Write a short motivation, your name, education, work experience and mobile phone number in the message and send it to Bastienne and Marja (our voice coaches)   via stemtestgrave@dedicon.nl.

One of them will contact you if your voice is suitable for reading. If that is the case, we invite you to the more extensive audition.

Getting there

About Stichting Dedicon

Bij Dedicon vinden we dat iedereen mee moet kunnen doen in onze maatschappij, ook als je blind of slechtziend bent of een andere leesbeperking hebt. Vanuit die overtuiging maken we romans, schoolboeken, kranten, tijdschriften, afbeeldingen toegankelijk. Door ze bijvoorbeeld voor te lezen of in braille om te zetten. Of door er voelbare tekeningen van te maken.

Zo hebben we in 2018 2.523 edities van allerlei kranten en tijdschriften voorgelezen. En ook nog eens meer dan 2.300 romans en schoolboeken tot audioboek gemaakt! Daarnaast maken we ook hele andere bijzondere dingen. Zoals de eerste Donald Duck voor blinde kinderen en voelbare plattegronden van de Noord/Zuidlijn in Amsterdam.

Je snapt, dat kunnen we niet alleen. Daarom zijn we op zoek naar jou: voorleeshelden met een jonge stem waar jongeren met een leesbeperking graag naar luisteren. Ben jij tussen de 17 en 30 jaar en wil jij één van de ruim 300 ‘Onzichtbare helden’ worden? Kijk dan hier bij onze vacatures voor één van onze vrijwillige heldenfuncties.

Val je niet binnen deze leeftijdscategorie, maar wil je toch helpen? Kijk dan op www.ikhoorjegraag.nl voor de mogelijkheden.
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