About Stichting Gouden Dagen

Golden Days is a charity for the elderly in the Netherlands. Our ambition is to reach all elderly people in the Netherlands with a positive, tempting and structural offer. We want to promote the quality of life and ensure that people feel part of our society again. We know how difficult it is to reach vulnerable older people (also behind the front door) and are therefore looking for local partners who, based on their objectives, are committed to the well-being of older people. Locally established organizations have the familiarity and facilities to do beautiful work for the elderly. As a national organization, we want to play a facilitating role in this: in organizing fundraising, in contributing to communication and in thinking along about great activities. We work with five pillars that naturally connect with the work that is already being done for the elderly: Golden Coffee, Golden Meals, Golden Wishes, Golden Culture and Golden Nature. A wide range of well-being, tailored to the demand. We thereby rely on the strength of our cooperation partners.
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